Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of Bethel Baptist School is to provide a God honoring, Christ-centered, Bible-based education for kindergarten 4 through twelfth grade students. We endeavor to accomplish this by seeking to assure that each student has a personal relationship with Christ, educating each student through superior academic and extracurricular programs, ministering to the family each child represents, and helping each student find God’s will for his or her life.

Our Vision

  • Bethel Baptist School is a community of learners where knowledge is applied and all students and staff are supported in continual personal and spiritual growth, academic progress, and leadership.
  • Bethel Baptist School provides an environment that is Christ honoring, safe, welcoming, and challenging where everyone has a voice, a sense of belonging, and school pride.
  • Bethel Baptist School actively reaches out to our parents and families with the Gospel, involving them in the learning process.