Student Goals

Critical Thinkers:

  1. Access, organize, process, and evaluate information
  2. Develop and apply problem solving and decision making skills
  3. Formulate decisions based on principles from the Word of God

Competent Communicators:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in reading, listening, speaking, writing, viewing, and presenting
  2. Incorporate technology, whenever possible, to enhance communication
  3. Communicate persuasively using well-rounded facts, theory, and opinion
  4. Communicate artistically through style, organization, and development of content
  5. Explain the Biblical worldview regarding life, government, social issues, diverse cultures, and world events

Cooperative Citizens:

  1. Contribute and function responsibly in various group activities in and out of the classroom
  2. Use collaborative efforts to contribute to peer learning
  3. Demonstrate integrity, respectful behavior, self-motivation, and self-discipline
  4. Develop the ability to relate to individuals and situations in a Scriptural and loving way

Conscientious Learners:

  1. Set high standards and challenging goals
  2. Demonstrate awareness that physical fitness is developed through regular exercise and proper eating habits
  3. Make correct choices by the daily application of Biblical principles to everyday life through Bible reading and prayer
  4. Determine and use personal gifts from God to His honor and glory